Coronavirus News: Rainbows are popping up across Long Island to bring joy to those who are quarantined

BABYLON, New York (WABC) -- While people on Long Island have been hunkering down in quarantine, rainbows have been popping up everywhere and one Facebook page has dedicated their time for everyone to post their creations.

"We wanted something inspiring, that's uplifting," said co-creator of the Rainbows over Nassau and Suffolk counties and Beyond Facebook page, Katherine Schilling. "Showing that we can come together as a community and see that things will be normal eventually at the end of all of this."

Schilling and her niece, Nicole Sapienca, started to notice more rainbows on the various Long Island Facebook pages but felt like the posts were getting lost in between the other coronavirus related posts that were being published. They wanted to create a one-stop-shop, where people would only find and can only post their rainbow creations there.

After they created the page they noticed a significant increase and posts and before they knew it, the page had more than 40-thousand members.

"Throw some paint on the ground, throw some chalk, just have fun with the kids," said Sapienca. "Let them know that you are there for them."

Even if you don't have the proper painting tools, Sapienca and Schilling have seen rainbow creations ranging from videos of people singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to people using various materials around the house to create a display of happiness.

"It is a ghost town right now, but it will come back," said Sapienca. "It's frightening, but it will come back. Once they get this contained, they get this figured out, there will be a rainbow at the end of this storm."


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