Coronavirus News: Bronxville residents warned to stop congregating outdoors

BRONXVILLE, New York (WABC) -- Residents of Bronxville are being warned to stop congregating outdoors.

The chief of police is lashing out at residents who continue to congregate outdoors despite directives to maintain social distancing. "It's insulting, I'm embarrassed, it's reckless (and) it's dangerous," says Chief Christopher Satriale.

Satriale scolded residents in a robo-call Thursday after witnessing young people playing sports and seeing a table set up outside of a restaurant. He was particularly upset that a bouncy castle had been erected on a front lawn. "We could all be shedding this virus without symptoms," he said. "There's no way of knowing ensuring anyone who is bouncing in the castle or wrestling on the turf is safe."

The one-square mile village is home to Lawrence Hospital which has become so crowded, outdoor tents have been set up-personal protective equipment is running low. The number of positive coronavirus cases here in Bronxville expected to double.

Satriale says he's exploring whether it's possible or legal to begin issuing summonses to those who don't comply. "My message last night to the community was: stay home."


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