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Saturday, September 5, 2020
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NEW JERSEY (WABC) -- New Jersey now has a form residents can report large gatherings or social distancing violations.

The executive order violation reporting form allows residents to report an employer, organization or entity violating social gathering guidelines.

As stated on New Jersey's COVID website, "You may report a violation anonymously, but please note, it will make it more difficult for law enforcement to investigate the complaint."

If someone is experiencing an emergency, the state recommends residents to not complete the form and call 911.

In July, police broke up a large party at an Airbnb with more than 700 people.

Police in New Jersey say a large party with more than 700 people was broken up at an Airbnb over the weekend, with partygoers ignoring social distancing and mask regulations.

Partygoers ignored social distancing and mask regulations.

"We're not saying you can't gather, but it is literally irresponsible, you're playing with fire if you gather indoors without face coverings, without social distance in close proximity," Murphy said. "There's no good that will come from that, and we've now got examples, to say 'multiple' understates, and up and down the state, where that has led to outbreaks...So please I'm asking parents, we're asking kids themselves, it's OK to gather. Behave yourselves."

And in August, police broke up another large party inside a restaurant in Lakewood.

A large number of people were inside a Estreia Restaurant for a formal event on Route 9, despite the fact that the restaurant had tents set up outside.

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