Weather or Not: Fall foliage forecast for New York State

ByLee Goldberg WABC logo
Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Weather or Not: Fall foliage outlook for New York State
Weather or Not: Fall foliage outlook for New York State

NEW YORK (WABC) -- As we go from the lush green landscape of summer to the colors of autumn, WABC chief meteorologist Lee Goldberg explains the science being the change in color.

So how do light, temperature, and moisture signal a change to the yellow, red, and orange hues we see during the fall season? And where can you see the best of autumn this time of year? And how vivid might the colors be this year, and when will we begin to see them?

"Last year, we were coming out of a drought, and that muted some of the colors, it was a decent fall season, but could have been better. This year, we were soaked over the summer, which could have stressed out a lot of the trees, but we ended September with a pretty long dry stretch. And that should help so brilliant colors a possibility, although the season may be a little late," Lee explains.

Ross D. Levi, executive director at NYS Division of Tourism and I LOVE NY, takes us on a tour of the state's brilliant colors.

"We have the longest foliage season in the United States. So basically, any weekend between mid-September and mid-November, somewhere in New York State is at or near peak," Levi says.

He goes on to say the state's big finale is downstate in New York City and Long Island.

You can track the change in color using I LOVE NY's interactive fall foliage map HERE.