Polar vortex might deliver early taste of winter to Tri-State area

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Thursday, October 14, 2021
Weather or Not: Polar vortex might deliver early taste of winter
"Signals" on the other side of the planet could mean the polar vortex might make an early appearance in the Tri-State area after being scarce last winter.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- As we transition from a record wet summer to a delayed fall, we are already thinking ahead to winter.

In this episode of "Weather or Not," WABC-TV chief meteorologist Lee Goldberg and his guest, AccuWeather senior meteorologist Paul Pastelok, examine how the rest of the fall and winter might play out.

How cold will it be? How much snow will we get? And when does it all get started? And will the dreaded polar vortex make a return visit?

The brutal Arctic air stayed bottled up around the North Pole last winter, but Pastelok has noticed "signals" on the other side of the planet that could mean some of that frigid air might visit the Tri-State area.

And our first taste of chill could come well before winter.

"There's a chance that some of that cold air could first come in in late October, and then maybe a second round coming in again later in November. So there are signals out there that are showing that right now as we speak," Pastelok told Lee.

Lee and Paul break it all down, including whether we still have a shot of getting some decent fall foliage.

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