New Jersey couple welcomes 3 babies to world during coronavirus pandemic

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020
NJ couple welcomes 3 babies to world amid coronavirus pandemic
Michelle Charlesworth reports on the pleasant surprises 2020 has brought one New Jersey couple.

FREEHOLD, New Jersey (WABC) -- 2020 has been a lousy year for some people, but a couple in New Jersey has a lot to celebrate after welcoming three babies this year.

One just before the pandemic hit and twins who arrived 11 weeks early.

Danielle and her husband Jeff Croasdale pride themselves on pretty careful planning.

All of this has been a whirlwind and still, they admit they're not really sure what life will be like when all five come together.

"Everyone keeps saying we should get a dog," Danielle Croasdale said. "And I said we have three boys, I don't think we need a dog."

Vincent is the oldest son. Twins James and Eric, who were born November 18, are still in the NICU but can be held by mom and dad now, and should be home by February.

"They're breathing on their own now and gaining weight," Jeff said.

When Vincent was six weeks old and he was ready to go out with Danielle, COVID hit.

"He was born and then at the end of the six weeks, the whole world shut down, and so we saw family members who haven't seen them," she said.

But even if an outsider sees exhausting chaos their perspective is clear,

"I would definitely say we were so grateful," Danielle said.

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