Coronavirus News: Spike in COVID cases sparks concerns in New Jersey town

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020
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NEW JERSEY (WABC) -- Officials are warning of a recent spike in coronavirus cases in one New Jersey town.

New Milford residents were informed by their health department that the borough has seen a significant increase in their reported numbers.

"Our numbers have increased due to lack of social distancing, lack of wearing a mask and people not quarantining or isolating when exposed to the Covid 19 virus," the letter read.

Health officials say the increase has not been a result of their long-term care facility.

"In fact, CareOne / WoodCrest's has been COVID free for nearly the past eight weeks," officials say.

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Health officials say some residents who have been called by the contact tracers from the department have refused to, or have been reluctant to give names and phone numbers.

"Remember, all this information is kept strictly confidential and only helps contain the spread of the Covid 19 virus," officials said.

New Milford released some tips to help mitigate further spread the virus in the community:

- Please wear a face covering

- Maintain social distancing of at least six feet apart.

- Wash your hands frequently

- Do not touch your face, mouth, nose or eyes.

- Use good respiratory hygiene

- Stay home if you are sick, except to go seek medical advice

- Stay home if you are told to isolate or quarantine.

- Answer your phone, it may be a contact tracer. Please give as much information as possible, including names, DOB, addresses, phone numbers and last date of contact. All information is kept strictly confidential.

- Please follow isolation and quarantine guidelines as given.

"Anyone who ignores an advisement to self-isolate or quarantine becomes a big part of the problem," officials say. "Isolation and quarantine does not mean to go on vacation or interact with others. It means stay home and monitor your health. For the sake of your family, your friends, your neighbors, the elderly and your fellow residents of our community please be responsible and wear a mask."

Additionally, the health department recommends not to attend or hold unprotected gatherings on residents' property or in public, avoid play dates and if told to isolate or quarantine, that they should take it seriously.

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