7 On Your Side: Cancer patient needs help from a vexing valet

NEW YORK (WABC) -- It was the case of a vexing valet, months after a cancer patient says a garage attendant caused hundreds in damage.

The confounded car owner has gotten nothing but empty promises instead of payment.

Multiple scrapes and deep scratches. At first Diane Ng didn't notice the damage on her brand new mini-van.

The stomach cancer survivor had just come out of a preventative screening at a Midtown hospital when she noticed something strange in her vehicle.

Nina: "What did you think happened?"

Diane: "That's when I figured there had to be some sort of damage."

She got out to inspect the outside of the car, saw all the scrapes and called the garage that valeted it, asking to speak to the manager.

Diane: "He told me to come back tomorrow morning and he would meet me and he was very sorry."
Nina: "So they took the blame right away?"
Diane: "Yes and he said it should never happen."

When Diane went back to the iPARK location she got an incident report detailing her car's damage. It even states, they tried to cover the damage, and left fingerprints all over.

"They already admitted the guilt," said Diane. "They had seen the damage. He (garage manager) said he was sorry."

So Diane was told to get two estimates, and send them in to the manager for payment.

Nina: "And did you get your check?"
Diane: "No."
Nina: "How long have you been waiting?"
Diane: "Since June."

Emails every month since only had excuses.

"It was coming FEDEX, it didn't come. I was out of the office. It's coming today and still nothing," lamented Diane.

The Brooklyn mother who raised 4 successful college grads, including an NYPD Detective, then took her case to the next level.

We contacted iPARK, and within 72 hours.

Nina: "So the check's finally in the mail?"
Diane: "Yes, that what he said!"

The full amount for her car repair, $650.

iPark's rep apologized - saying this should've been handled. The mistake was an isolated incident.

Some big takeaways here. Anytime you pick up your car at the garage - do a quick walk around to see if there's any damage.

And if it's damaged, take pictures and then report it to the garage manager, and get a signed incident report at the garage.

Do not leave without a copy. Once you leave the garage, proving the garage caused the damage is very difficult. null
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