Woman leaves fake ID at dealership, steals car during test drive, owner says

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Sunday, March 12, 2023
Out $14K, car dealership owner hopes woman who stole Impala is caught
The owner told ABC13 that after about 20 minutes, he knew the car was gone and called the police. Once deputies arrived, it was discovered that the woman had left a phony ID.

HOUSTON, Texas -- A $14,000 car from a small Texas dealership was not returned after a customer did not come back from a test drive, the owner told our sister station, ABC13.

"She said I'll go for 10 minutes to test drive, but one hour, two hours, she never showed up, she never came back," Ahmad Hallal, the owner, said.

The woman first came to the car lot two weeks ago, test-drove a Chevrolet Impala, and said she would return once her tax return came in, Hallal said.

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One week later, she came back to the southwest Houston shop for the 2014 Impala.

"She said, 'I like this car. Can I test drive it?'" I told her, "OK, and I took the driver's license and a phone number," he said.

After 20 to 30 minutes, Hallal said he knew that the lady and the car were not coming back, he tells ABC13.

He called the number she left but didn't get an answer, so he called the Harris County Sheriff's Office, who came out to his lot and discovered something.

As Hallal showed the Louisiana ID the woman had left behind, deputies realized that it was fake.

"I feel bad. It's not a cheap car. Now we've lost $14,000," Hallal said.

The car dealership owner said he keeps his fingers crossed that the woman will be caught and the car returned.

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