Coronavirus Update NYC: At-home COVID test kits in demand as Thanksgiving approaches

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021
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Joe Torres explores why at-home COVID test kits in high demand as families look for extra reassurance for holiday gatherings.

UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan (WABC) -- With Thanksgiving just days away, at-home COVID test kits are in high demand as families look for extra reassurance for holiday gatherings.

At-home COVID tests might just be a pre-Thanksgiving requirement for guests gathering around the dinner table on Thursday.

Charles Tabouchirani owns and operates Cherry's Pharmacy on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

"Actually, in the last week, less than a week we've seen an increase demand in people asking for at-home testing," pharmacist Tabouchirani said.

For many families, the Thanksgiving holiday reunion represents the first time in two years that grandma and grandpa get to see the grandkids, a vulnerable position for seniors embracing young kids who may not be vaccinated just yet.

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That's why a negative COVID test result would ease the concern of the parents hosting the holiday feast.

"I am going to mom and dad's house on Thursday," Brooklyn resident Stephanie Medina said. "We all wanted to get tested to make sure that we are gathering together - we don't have COVID. Everyone is safe and sound."

"I feel that it's my responsibility that when I am visiting with other people, I'd like to know that I am not the one who is responsible for anybody getting sick," Upper West Side resident Elizabeth Marks said.

At the Too-Win Pharmacy in Little Italy, the at-home tests are ready to roll for anyone looking to clear up their COVID status.

"The first thing they ask is, is it easy to use? It's very easy to use. They can do it at home in 15 minutes, you get the results," pharmacy technician Ryan Ngo said.

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Pharmacists say step-by-step instructions can also be found on YouTube.

The tests cost roughly $20 to $25, a minor expense for some major assurance that will leave everyone grateful.

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