Coronavirus News: Trump, Cuomo at odds over ventilator need

NEW YORK (WABC) -- President Trump and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are once again at odds over how to handle the crisis.

The president went on TV on Tuesday night and declared that he was right and Cuomo was wrong.

That's as the number of deaths continues to climb in New York, but that could be a lagging indicator.

More promising is that hospitalizations over the last three days have been on the decline.

The concern is ventilators. Hospitals say they are running low and desperate to get more, but they have not run out.

"It's turning out I'm right because they wanted 40,000 ventilators. 40,000. And they're not going to need anywhere near that and we said that and now they have plenty," President Trump said.

"We have been scrambling with ventilators. We move them all over the state like pieces on a chess board literally whatever hospital has the greatest inflow that night we move ventilators around the state," Cuomo said.

As an example, at hard hit Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, they report having 53 ventilators on site and on Tuesday 43 were in use.


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