Weather or Not: Spring has sprung and so have allergies

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Thursday, March 30, 2023
Weather on Not: Spring (and allergy) outlook
We did just have an unseasonably warm winter, but what can we expect from these upcoming spring months?

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Spring is upon us and while we enjoy the blooming flowers and temperate weather, we also have to face something else in the air: allergies.

We did just have an unseasonably warm winter, but what can we expect from these upcoming spring months?

In the latest episode of "Weather or Not with Lee Goldberg," Lee chats with AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Paul Pastelok and Dr. Gina Coscia of Cohen Children's Medical Center.

Pastelok says we will see some cooldowns, but can also look forward to those warmer days that make us love the springtime.

As for those famous April showers, Pastelok says we'll be somewhere in between a drought and flooding. We shouldn't see an unusual amount of precipitation this season.

February's warmth may have allowed for nature to bloom, but Pastelok says that cold weather in April could carry frost that puts a damper on plant growth.

To protect your plants from potential cold shots this spring, bring delicate plants inside and cover bushes and plants with new leaves.

Is your throat scratchy, eyes irritated, or got a case of the sneezes? Coscia breaks allergies down for us.

Warmer winters in years past have resulted in allergy seasons arriving sooner and lasting longer.

Our allergy calendar indicates that tree pollen allergies will be the worst between now and June. Grass pollen allergies will ramp up between April and July and people with grassweed or weed allergies will be affected between August and October.

Coscia recommends that anyone who wants to get ahead on combatting seasonal allergies should use eyedrops or take medication before or right when symptoms begin.

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