Planning the comeback of Coney Island

February 16, 2010 4:44:17 PM PST
Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday unveiled 23 new rides that are coming to Coney Island as part of a plan to revive the historic amusement park. It's now a shell of its former self, but many believe as one door closes, another opens. And that's exactly what's happening at Coney Island.

"This is going to be a step up from what we've seen in recent years in Coney Island," said Seth Pinsky, of the New York City Economic Development Corporation. "We're going to see $30 million in new rides coming to Coney Island. It will have a lot of feel of the old Coney Island, but on a scale we haven't seen in a couple of generations."

The nearly two dozen new rides will be built to spin, flip and excite, sitting on 6.2 acres of city-owned land. This summer, we will see phase one, Luna Park, made up of 19 rides. Next year, Scream Zone will debut, featuring roller coasters, a human sling shot and go carts.

So what is the mayor looking forward to?

"The ride I have the most desire to get on at Coney Island is Nathan's hot dog line," he said. "I have always loved Nathan hot dogs."

Down the line, over the next 10 years, you'll see more of the indoor, year-round elements come to life, including new restaurants, movie theaters and shops.

"On the north side of Surf avenue, on the other side of the park will be 5,000 units of residential development, supermarkets, stores and affordable housing," New York City planning commissioner Amanda Burden said.

It is a rebirth of sorts for an area rich in history.

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