Brothers injured when tree limb hits car

June 6, 2010 8:36:06 PM PDT
Sunday's severe weather had some serious consequences in Queens.

A tree knocked down by high winds fell onto a car with two young men, brothers, inside.

The large tree limb is pushed to the side of 41st Drive.

Terrance Grey was sweeping the last of the glass shards from the road -- the damage left from a freakish accident.

"She was in the car to comfort him, trying to see if he was ok," Grey said.

That after Grey's wife Joan rushed to help two brothers trapped as the limb suddenly split from the tree and came crashing down on their car.

"The tree started to make a cracking sound and they jumped in their car," Lois Toscano said.

Toscano remembers it happening so fast. The large limb, clearly rotten, snapped from the tree and crashed down hard on the car.

"The trunk landed on the hood, the driver's side. The kid was trapped, and then the car started to accelerate. I don't know the reason why. The trunk started to roll off the hood and neighbors were trying to help," Toscano said.

"It gave me a moment of concern, but fortunately the car didn't get going that fast and came to a stop in the bushes," Grey said.

It ended up in a neighbor's yard. With the one young men trapped inside, first responders began peeling back the top of the car and cutting off the doors to rescue him.

Neighbors were left to wonder why this accident had to happened after they had previously told the city the tree was dangerous.

The two young brothers were both in the hospital on Sunday night.