Tips on how to find YOUR Prince Charming

November 18, 2010 3:42:43 AM PST
Eyewitness News has tips for women on how to find their prince, now that William, Prince of Wales, is off the market.

In the year since Richard Easton launched his matchmaking business, he and his team have helped forge 100 couples.

So ladies, while Prince William may be off the market, your prince is out there.

You might want to listen to what men, like Richard, have to say about finding him.

"He may not have a six pack, but he'd be a great guy to raise your children. Give the guy a chance," Easton said.

When you're out, whether it's happy hour at a Midtown bar like "Latitude," or on first date, don't fake it.

"Definitely don't be someone you're not," Easton said, "Have enough confidence to be yourself and show us who you really are."

Another tip, men want to know you are smart.

"Three quarters of my clients will not go on a second date if they don't sense intelligence on the first date," Easton said.

So show your wit, but don't show all of your physical assets.

"We would like to know it's there, but we'd like to unwrap it later," Easton said.

Also, lay off the drinks.

And, a big rule: Even if you are attracted to him, no sex on the first date.

"We want women to play hard to get, it's what our system is like," Easton said.

Let him pay.

Ladies, he asked you out.

"You do not have to offer to pick up the check. He is picking up the check. Do not even pull out your wallet," Easton said.

But, you must say thank you, and it wouldn't hurt to say thank you more than once.

Let that prince know you're well mannered, respectful and always a lady.

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