New exhibit at Lincoln Center helps you 'Think'

October 3, 2011 1:50:56 PM PDT
As you walk by Lincoln Center it's hard to miss this huge digital wall display located at 65th and Broadway.

It's part of a new temporary exhibit called Think. The goal is to make you think about how technology can improve our lives.

The 123 foot wall is a visual display of real time data, the colored squares represent cars based on live cameras recording New York City traffic patterns. There are dots that show particles in the air based on street-level air monitors.

"Well I learned that they're trying to make 22% less from pollution from 2005," said Eric Desocia.

The wall is just one part of the exhibit. At the bottom of the ramp is a dark room filled with a kaleidoscope of 40 digital displays. First a 12 minute movie on the history of technology and innovation, then the displays turn into huge touchscreens.

Every interactive screen is different, just like one that shows how maps can save lives and how technology has changed over time. Another one shows the cholera outbreak in 1854 in London and how they found the source, and another one shows Haiti in 2010 and how they mapped destruction using text messages and twitter feeds and Facebook messages.

Sponsored by IBM, the company admits the new display is part of a marketing strategy. Since they no longer focus on PC's, much of what they do is not visible to the public, but the exhibit is completely free.

The wall is open 24/7 but you need pick up tickets to go inside.

The exhibit ends on October 23rd.

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