Charges dropped against 'Gentleman Groper' suspect

May 7, 2012 3:28:05 PM PDT
The Manhattan district attorney dropped all charges against the man accused of being the so-called Gentleman Groper.

Karl Vanderwoude was arrested more than two weeks ago and says he had the evidence to prove that he was not the serial groper wanted for four attacks in Manhattan.

I'm just really glad that it finally all came to an end," he said while leaving court. "I was confident that the truth would come out and justice would be served."

His employer reportedly had video of him at work at the same time that a woman was attacked at Second Avenue and East 67th Street. And restaurant receipts and witnesses are said to show show Vanderwoude was having dinner with friends when another woman was attacked.

It all means that his nightmare is now over.

"I was in shock, of course," he said. "I never had any interaction with the police like this before, and I was caught off guard. But I knew I didn't have anything to hide and I wasn't guilty of these crimes, and that would come to light."

Police have surveillance video of the suspect at the scene of some of attacks. Vanderwoude says it is clearly not him.

"It's a grainy image," he said. "The hair is similar, but he's clearly taller than I am, thinner than I am, and he dresses differently than I do."

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