Husband of so-called "Millionaire Madam" speaks out

June 6, 2012 3:03:36 PM PDT
The husband of the so-called Millionaire Madam is talking to Eyewitness News about his wife, about her "profession," about that client list - those names that he says are "big names." And there's frustration.


Anna Gristina has been unable to post her $2 million dollars bond, and remains behind bars on Rikers Island.

Kelvin Gorr wants his wife back home. He doesn't understand why she is continuing to protect her clients, refusing to give up those names to prosecutors. Because she won't spill those secrets, and she can't post bail, her husband maintains the family is paying a very high personal price.

Gorr maintains the portrayal of his wife as a high-rolling Millionaire Madam is a prosecutor's fantasy.

"It's quite the opposite," he said. "There's no money stashed in some Grand Cayman account. If we had the money, she'd be out, and the prosecutors know that."

We spent time with Gorr at the rural farmhouse he and Gristina started renting 10 years ago on 200 acres in Orange County, New York. It was a whirlwind courtship. A year after their marriage, she gave birth to son Nicholas. Gristina also has three older children. The family has been ripped apart since February when the mom of four was charged with a single count of promoting prostitution, and jailed on $2 million dollars bond.

"It's not like she was running a 24-hour operation. It was set up for someone, a once in awhile thing," Gorr said. "I'm saying she wasn't a madam. (Reporter: What was she?) A broker for dating, how's that?"

Gorr says she is paying the price for not revealing her client list. He said that when his wife was arrested in February for allegedly running a prostitution ring, detectives showed her 10 names allegedly on her client list.

"They laid out a list of names and they said 'tell me what you know about these people and we will let you go' and she did not do that," Gorr said. "She could have walked that day and she didn't and she still won't talk about that. She still won't."

Gorr admits the list contains more than one multi-millionaire. He says his wife's professional loyalty to her clients is putting an enormous personal strain on the family. Her husband's real estate business is suffering as he tries to juggle being a single dad and running into Manhattan to support her at every one of her court appearances, where prosecutors have fought every request to lower her bail.

"It's ruined my family. It's not going to be the same," he said. "Somehow, someway there is a political agenda behind it. That's how I feel and she's paying the price for it."

However, when asked if she should give up the names, Gorr said his wife should do it. Gorr said he actually wrote letters to some of his wife's clients, who are also personal friends asking for help and never heard back.

"Not one stepped forward," he said. "The only reason she's in there is because of them. Her clients. Her clients. I don't get that."


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