Coronavirus News: COVID-19 patient donates Shake Shack meals to Staten Island hospital workers

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Friday, April 24, 2020
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Tim Fleischer has more on a Shake Shack employee from Staten Island who is giving back after recovering from COVID-19 by delivering free lunches to the hospital workers who saved her life.

STATEN ISLAND, New York (WABC) -- A Shake Shack employee from Staten Island is giving back after recovering from COVID-19, delivering free lunches to the hospital workers who saved her life.

Edwina Cain brought hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries, and other Shake Shack treats to the medical staff at Richmond University Medical Center Friday.

"I made it because of you," she said. "Had you give up, I wouldn't be here. You fought, so I'm here."

Her niece, Dymond Crews, also sang inspirational song dedicated to the medical team who saved her aunt's life.

"Even when things go well, it's a very slow recovery," Dr. Francesco Rotatori said. "Instead, she recovered instantly. Four or five days, she was out of the ventilator. And now she is kicking out here."

Cain, 38, was transported to the hospital by EMS on April 3 with difficulty breathing.

Richmond Medical said that Cain tested positive for the novel coronavirus and was placed on a ventilator soon after.

Under the care and supervision of the medical staff, Cain began to fight off the virus, finally being removed from her ventilator on April 7 and regaining the ability to breathe on her own entirely.

Eight days later, on April 10, Cain was discharged to the cheers of hospital staff.

"I just remember, we are not going to give up," she said. "You not giving up. That's the main thing that stuck with me, they are not giving up on me."

Cain is an employee of the Shake Shack restaurant located in the Empire Outlets at St. George in Staten Island.



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