Man in hospital with COVID despite being fully vaccinated, wife says

Coronavirus Update New Jersey
EDISON, New Jersey (WABC) -- Laura Eugene's husband is in the hospital fighting for his life. She says they got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine back on March 6.

Eugene says on April 1, her husband started to feel sick.

"He started to feel like he had a sore throat stuffy, his coughing and then he started to run a fever, started to feel fatigue. He just gets it every day -- just kept on getting a symptom," she said.

Her husband tested positive for COVID on April 1, she says. Now he is in critical condition and is being treated for pneumonia as well.

"I think he's more concerned about me, so I try to stay positive so he can see that I'm okay so that he can fight. I need him to fight," Eugene said.

Eugene says right now her husband is on medication and doctors are taking it day by day.

"I want to see from now whether he progresses or if he deteriorates - or they just don't know which way, because they can't tell," she says.

Eugene says she and her husband were thrilled to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because it was one and done. Never did they imagine the whole family would still get sick.

"My grandkids came to visit - we didn't know we had COVID. They were tested positive as well. So, everybody's in quarantine until next Sunday," she added.

Meanwhile, Johnson & Johnson announced a huge setback in their vaccine. They report there was contamination at their facility in Baltimore which means millions of doses are no good and production this week will drop by 85%.

The pharmaceutical giant had promised to provide 100 million doses by the end of May.

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