Coronavirus Vaccine Updates: Surge in global cases fueled by outbreak in India

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Sunday, May 2, 2021
Surge in global cases fueled by outbreak in India
ABC's Christine Sloan has more on the rise in global coronavirus cases.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Global cases of the coronavirus are surging as they are easing in the U.S.

The spike is largely fueled by a massive outbreak in India.

Over 40% of new cases of the virus are in that country, but there are some troubling signs for the U.S.

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Here are more of today's headlines:

Murphy to make 'major announcement' Monday

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy plans to "make a major announcement on easing restrictions and ramping up our vaccinations" on Monday.

Adviser suggests Joe Biden still wears mask outside out of habit, although CDC says he doesn't need it

One of President Joe Biden's top White House advisers suggested Sunday that he's still wearing a mask outdoors out of habit although the latest public health guidance says he doesn't need it.

Questioned about Biden's practice, senior adviser Anita Dunn told CNN's "State of the Union" that she realized that she was also still wearing her mask outdoors even after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said fully vaccinated people like her and Biden can stop wearing masks outside when they're alone or not among strangers.

Florida private school won't employ vaccinated teachers

A private school founded by an anti-vaccination activist in South Florida has warned teachers and staff against taking the COVID-19 vaccine, saying it will not employ anyone who has received the shot.

The Centner Academy in Miami sent a notice to parents on Monday informing them of a new policy for its two campuses for about 300 students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Teachers or staff who have already taken the vaccine were told to continue reporting to school but to stay separated from students.

NY positivity rate drops below 1.5% for 1st time since Oct. 28

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the statewide COVID-19 positivity rate dropped to 1.49% yesterday, dropping below 1.5% for the first time since October 28.

"Every single day, New York State is moving forward in the footrace between the infection rate and the vaccination rate. More New Yorkers are getting vaccinated and hospitalizations are declining, which is good news, but we need New Yorkers to stay vigilant to make sure we don't lose any of the progress we've made," Governor Cuomo said. "Washing hands, wearing masks and staying socially distanced are critical behaviors each of us can practice, individually and in our communities, to slow the spread. In the meantime, New York is continuing to make the vaccine more accessible and open more pop-up sites. Spring is here and we're making progress, but there's a way to go before we reach the light at the end of the tunnel."

Pakistan restricts border travel to fight virus

Pakistan's national body to control coronavirus decided Sunday to temporarily restrict the country's borders to people coming in from Afghanistan and Iran.

Inbound pedestrian movement from those two countries will halt at midnight May 4 until May 20 with the exception of Pakistani citizens in Afghanistan and Iran who want to return home and extreme medical emergency cases.

The development comes after Pakistan reported another 113 deaths and 4,414 new cases amid the third wave of the virus, taking the country's death tally to 18,070.

NYC municipal workers fighting for option to remain remote

New York City municipal employees are fighting for the option to keep working remotely. Demonstrators gathered at City Hall Saturday to protest Mayor Bill de Blasio's reopening plan.

Why number of COVID cases in India is exponentially higher than reported

Even after more than a year of devastating coronavirus surges across the world, the intensity and scale of India's current crisis stands out, with patients desperate for short supplies of oxygen, pleas for help from overwhelmed hospitals, and images of body bags and funeral pyres. As daily case counts soar far beyond what other countries have reported, experts caution the official COVID-19 numbers from the world's second most populous country are likely a massive undercount.

Low vaccine turnout in Newark

In Newark, the supply of shots is not an issue, it's the low turnout. To try to combat it, University Hospital offered vaccinations without an appointment. The latest figures show just 24% of people in Newark are now vaccinated. That's slightly lower than the state average.

Transit agencies want to win back passengers

As President Joe Biden urges more federal spending for public transportation, transit agencies decimated by COVID-19 are trying to figure out how to win back passengers scared away by the pandemic.

It's made more urgent by the climate change crisis. Biden has pledged to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions at least in half by the end of the decade. That aggressive target will require Americans to ditch gas-guzzling cars for electric vehicles or embrace mass transit.

"We have a huge opportunity here to provide fast, safe, reliable, clean transportation in this country, and transit is part of the infrastructure," Biden said at an event to promote rail and public transportation.

With fewer transportation alternatives, lower-income people are more reliant on public transportation for commuting and their daily lives.

Belgian police detain 132 in virus restrictions protest

Police have detained 132 people who took part in an illegal party in a Brussels park to protest COVID-19 restrictions, authorities said Sunday. About 15 people, including protesters and police, were injured in clashes, police spokeswoman Ilse Van de Keere said.

How many people in your area are hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Most states have opened up COVID-19 vaccination to everyone 16 and older, but not everyone is lining up to get the shot. With the recent temporary pause on the distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, doctors worry about an increase in vaccine hesitancy that may not be warranted. Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau's Household Pulse Survey, the CDC found that as many as a third of adults in some areas reported being hesitant about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. These rates are highest in the states of Wyoming and North Dakota, and lowest in Massachusetts, Vermont and California.

When did you realize the COVID pandemic changed everything?

Many of us had a moment, most often occurring in March 2020, when we realized that COVID-19 had completely changed our lives forever. Even though we've managed to move forward and adapt to a new normal, that memory still sticks with us. Tell us: What was that moment to you?

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