Coronavirus News: NJ COVID-19 cluster linked to house party, patients not cooperating

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Thursday, July 23, 2020
NJ COVID cluster linked to house party, but patients not cooperating
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Health officials in New Jersey are investigating a cluster of coronavirus cases all linked to a house party.

MIDDLETOWN, New Jersey (WABC) -- Health officials in New Jersey are investigating a cluster of coronavirus cases all linked to a house party.

Authorities say the cluster of approximately 20 COVID-19 cases are connected through a party on West Front Street in Middletown on July 11.

"If you think your child may have attended such a party or participates in sports or any other group activity that may have included anyone potentially exposed, please ask them to self-quarantine for 14 days to monitor for signs and symptoms," the Middletown health department said in a statement. "If they become ill, they should self-isolate and contact your family physician. We encourage you to have your child tested for COVID-19."

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All of the new cases are teens between the ages of 15 and 19, and Middletown health officials say they are running into resistance while trying to track the cases.

"We're asking and pleading with parents and the students that may have attended that," Middletown Mayor Tony Perry said. "You're not in any trouble, but we want to break the back of this infection. And if we can get that contact information and get some details, we are then able to contact those who may have been exposed to the coronavirus."

Officials are also urging parents who host gatherings to do so in a responsible manner.

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Anyone with questions or concerns is urged to contact the health department at 732-615-2000 x2165 or email questions to You can also visit for additional information and resources.



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