Coronavirus News: Mayor of Paterson tests positive for COVID-19

PATERSON, New Jersey (WABC) -- The mayor of Paterson, Andre Sayegh, announced on Tuesday he has tested positive for coronavirus.

He released a statement saying he doesn't know where he contracted it and he is not suffering from a fever or cough, but he will continue to self-quarantine at home.

"COVID-19 is a silent virus and I do not know exactly where I may have contracted it. I am not suffering from a fever or cough, but will continue to monitor for symptoms as I am now fully quarantined to my home," he said. "My wife has been tested today as well, and we will closely monitor our children.
I encourage all Patersonians to take this disease seriously and stay at home when possible."

Sayegh went on to say that despite efforts of social distancing over the last month, practicing good hygiene and even wearing a mask in public over the last week, he has "fallen prey" to the virus.

"But I am a fighter and will continue to do my job on behalf of the City of Paterson. I will keep you updated on my health as the days progress."


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