Lucy Yang
Lucy Yang has been a general assignment reporter with Eyewitness News since 1993.

She has covered such stories as the subway firebombing, the scandal surrounding Princess Diana in London and the Central Park murder.

Prior to joining ABC7, Lucy spent four years as a reporter with WPVI-TV's Action News in Philadelphia. Before that she reported for WGLI-TV, The Long Island Report, and wrote and produced for the ten o'clock news on WNEW-TV in New York.

Lucy is a graduate of Princeton University with a B.A. in sociology.

My favorite thing at holiday gatherings - besides desserts - are the SIDES!
More than 60 children were each given a $100 gift card and a personal escort to shop until they dropped at the Newport Centre Mall.
Investigators say it appears someone came to the door, rang the doorbell and then fired a gun through the peephole before running off.
It was a motorcycle mecca, an antique car show, Santa appearance and early Christmas toy giving - all wrapped up in a one bundle of joy.
The Bronx High School of Science, known for their academically rigorous curriculum, decided to close six of its bathrooms because of the vaping.