Sandra Bookman  | ABC7 WABC News Team
Sandra joined Eyewitness News in 1998 as a reporter and shortly after was named as a weekend anchor of Eyewitness News. Previously, she worked at WSB-TV in Atlanta, another dominant ABC affiliate, where she worked for nine years and served as the weekend anchor.

Prior to WSB-TV, she worked as a weekend anchor at both WRAL-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina and KFDM-TV in Beaumont, Texas.

Sandra served as an Olympic Reporter for seven years. She was the only local TV reporter to cover the games from before Atlanta won the bid, until the Olympic bombing in 1996. Sandra covered the '92 games in Barcelona, Spain as well.

She has also reported internationally, including a series of reports from South Africa following the release of Nelson Mandela from a South African prison in 1990.

Sandra has been honored with three local Emmy's including statues for her Olympic coverage and reporting in the aftermath of the fatal Valuejet Airlines crash in the Everglades.

She graduated from the University of Texas with a B.A. in journalism.

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